YouTubeR Playlist Creator

Using this new software, you can now create killer looking YouTube Playlist sites in record time!

The YouTubeR Playlist Site Creator Software

is Windows based and is very simple to use. Review questions presented, fill in your answers, click finish and page is saved to your hard drive.

Each playlist site takes no more than a few minutes to create once you get the hang of it. Complete documentation is provided and we even walk you step-by-step in obtaining required free API keys.

One of the best features is you can use one of the provided Bootstrap CSS themes or add your own! You can even change the main video background with one provided or use your own...

The Top Features

include the following:

  •  Created sites are based on Bootstrap
  •  Choose from one of 13 themes
  •  Can use your own custom theme
  •  Replace pattern behind main video
  •  Show up to 50 videos per site
  •  Sites desktop, tablet and mobile ready
  •  Super simple push button software
  •  Works on Windows XP and above

Serve Content To All Devices

Fully Responsive

Your YouTubeR playlist pages works on desktops, tablets and even small screen mobile without issues


You are in control of content from the header, YouTube video playlist and the footer content

Modern Styling

Based on the Bootstrap framework make styling the pages a breeze. Use provided CSS files or use your own

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Personal Use

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