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AffFireExtinguisher mrr Affiliate Fire Extinguisher If You’re Using ANY Other Software That Claims To Boost Your Affiliate Commissions, You’re Almost Certainly Burning A Large Proportion Of Your Own Commissions, Without Even Realising It!

This page may SHOCK you – but it’s about time the truth was told…

Most people online have now heard about the benefits of securing affiliate links by hiding them inside special redirect pages, cloaking pages or something similar.

Many people use some sort of software to create these solutions, which can be anything from a simple page generator to a sophisticated $100+ script.

However there is one important piece of information that you will never find mentioned on any web page selling these types of tools…

If you’re currently using any tool/script to hide your affiliate links, it is very likely that for some affiliate links, you are actually reducing your commissions by up to 50% – instead of boosting them!

Affiliate Fire Extinguisher is a simple tool that creates special “link hiding” pages, which can significantly boost profits.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of hiding affiliate links, here’s a quick overview…

A quick overview of why hiding affiliate links can boost profits !

Affiliate links typically look something like this:

Or this

These links look “techie” and quite obviously affiliate links.

With Affiliate Fire Extinguisher, your links look like this:

Or this:

These links are neat, clean and look just like links to pages on your own website
Cloak And Brand Your Affiliate Links SAFELY…

As well as simple link hiding pages, Affiliate Fire Extinguisher also offers the more advanced solutions of “link cloaking” and “link branding”.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of link cloaking and branding, here’s a quick overview !

A quick overview of link cloaking and branding !

The simplest solution for hiding/securing an affiliate link is called a “Simple Redirect”. It makes the link look like a web address on your own site, but as soon as the visitor clicks on the link, they are “redirected” to the sales page, which is shown as normal.

Example: Someone clicking on our “hidden” link:

would see the sales page in their browser as normal. In the web address bar on their browser, they may see something like this:

The drawback is that it’s obvious to the visitor that we used an affiliate link to access the page. It is not obvious to people before they clicked on the link, but it is obvious afterwards. This may in some cases put visitors off buying the product.

Link Cloaking is a more advanced link hiding method. It also makes the link look like a web address on your own site, but when the visitor clicks on the link, the address of your website is still shown in the web address of the browser, even when the sales page is being shown.

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