Break Free From Passive Aggression

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Follow The Principles Within This New Guide & Break Free From Passive Aggression Today!

Read On To Discover How To Combat Passive Aggressive Behaviour And Begin The Road To Change…


Break Free From Passive Aggression!
An In Depth Guide To Combating Passive Aggressive Behaviour

No matter which continent you live in, language you speak, political alignment, what religion, if any, you believe in… one thing is for sure…You would have encountered someone with Passive Aggression…and if you haven’t…maybe that person is staring right back at you in the mirror.

In this guide we’ll be discussing what Passive Aggressive Behaviour is, its origins, how this disorder affects people’s lives and how best to combat it.

This guide is meant to be of use for anyone who is keen on developing a better understanding of PAB, to help/support concerned people to discover various methods for helping others, also, to serve passive aggressive people as a tool for self-help.

Anyone can follow this plan and see results and not be lead astray by the latest and greatest “miracle” pill or fad

What You Learn:

– Learn Exactly What Passive Aggressive Behaviour Is
– Discover The Causes Of Passive Aggressive Behaviour
– Quickly Assess Whether Your Life Has Been Affected
– Revealed! Strategies On How To Deal With A Person With PAB
– Dealing With PAB In An Intimate Relationship
– Overcoming Passive Aggressive Behaviour In The Family
– Treatment, Support And Resources For PAB
..And Much, Much More..

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Passive Aggressive Behaviour Explained
Chapter 2 – Has Passive Aggressive Behaviour Affected Your Life?
Chapter 3 – Causes Of Passive Aggressive Behaviour
Chapter 4 – The Pitfalls Of Being Complacent With Passive Aggressive Behaviour
Chapter 5 – Strategies For Dealing With A Passive Aggressive Person
Chapter 6 – How To Survive An Intimate Relationship With A Passive Aggressive Partner
Chapter 7 – How To Deal With Passive Aggressive Behaviour In The Family
Chapter 8 – Treatment, Support & Resources For Passive Aggressive Behaviour
*Bonus* – Meditation: How It Can Help To Overcome Passive Aggressive Behaviour

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