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DelayedDownloadPlugin p Delayed Download PluginATTENTION: Website owners who need a stronger call to action….

“Discover the Simple Tool That Will Make Your Readers Finally Pay Attention to Your Offer!”

Remove the hurry and distraction factor from your website traffic….

Introducing – Delayed Download

Now, with this powerful WordPress plugin, you can actually encourage your visitors to see your offer, opt-in to your list, or read your terms – all with just a simple shortcode. Here’s how it works:

Imagine you have a giveaway offer, perhaps a short report, a whitepaper, or even an audio file. Readers click a link to download, but rather than immediate gratification, they experience a short delay (you decide how long) so they can actually read your offer.

And it’s so easy to install and configure, you’ll have it up and running in just minutes.

Delayed Download includes :

– Easy one-click installation right from your WordPress dashboard.
– Failure-proof style for easy bypassing of pop-up if necessary.
– Unlimited delayed downloads for multiple offers.
– Full formatting available using the WordPress WYSIWYG editor.
– Works with all major autoresponders for easy insertion of opt-in forms.
– Multiple color/layout styles to match any blog.
– Customizable call to action button for better conversion rates.
– Ability to add images to your delay screen.
– Custom CSS fields for infinite variety.
– One-click addition of your delayed download to any post or page.
– Ability to trigger your download via a link or an image.
– Easy shortcodes so you don’t have to worry about fragile scripts that WordPress loves to break.

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