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EasyResellVideos Easy Resell VideosEasy Resell Videos – The Course for Setting up your Full Resale Rights Package from Scratch!

Discover The Know How to…

Set Up Domain Name, Hosting, Pointing the Nameservers, Plus Considering if to go with a new domain for every product or put them all on a generic domain. We look at the tools you need, and even show you where to get the free ones to keep control of your costs. You will learn steps such as FTP, Organizing your Files, Uploading Correctly, How to set up a Squeeze Form and even sell via PayPal or Payspree and Much More… All inside your Video Course.

What’s In The Videos?

Introduction What’s Inside the Course:-

We cover the overview of what you can expect to find inside of this video course, from Domain Name to List Automation 🙂

Video 2 Domain Name

Its all in the Name! You need to set up a domain in order to sell your products. Get this step wrong and it can actually make life harder.

We look at the options of using a generic name for many products or registration on a per product basis. We also show you how to get your domain name cheaper!

Video 3 The Hosting Account

A Domain and Product with hosting is like a Ferrari with no fuel, POINTLESS!!!

Some hosting companies make it harder for you to get set up and manage your sites, we select a well known brand and show you how its done.

Video 4 The Nameserver Set up

In this video you will learn how to make sure your domain points to your hosting account.

Its always assumed that everyone knows how to do this, but its an easy step to miss or not know about. Plus we share with you why we use a certain name registration company…

Video 5 Essential tools You Need

Don’t you hate it when you buy a course or product then you need about 30 other things to make it work.

To add insult to injury, you need to pay for most of them. Fear not, we show you the tools you need and how to get them free 🙂

*The only additional costs you need to consider is your basic hosting, your domain and your autoresponder account.

Video 6 How to FTP

If you read about FTP on Wikipedia, you would think its a science class all to itself.

The truth is its easier than learning to tie your shoes, and we walk you through the steps with our top tip free software!

Video 7 Preparing to Autorespond 🙂

Another tool that is not used to its potential.

Get it set up and ready to fire. Do this early in the process and you will be ready to connect once your site is up on your hosting account.

Video 8 Unzip those files and prepare for WAR!

🙂 Its not that hard really, its just a matter of using the free software we recommend to extract those files and be prepared to upload your site in order to make money.

Video 9 Upload that Package.

Getting the content to your desktop was hard enough in some cases, but we make sure we walk you through this process step by step in order to get your new shiny web site and product on to your hosting account without a hitch.

Video 10 Connect the Dots…

This is a VITAL Step in the series. We hold your hand through the process of connecting the autoresponder account to your squeeze page.

Without this, you don’t build a list and its harder to sell them later too!

Video 11 Pay me with PayPal

There is no point investing in hosting and domain names if you don’t actually sell the thing.

Here we show you how to set up a sales button with your PayPal account, and how to deliver them back to your download page.

We even share a tip on adding a little more protection 🙂

Video 12 Go on a Spending Spree with Payspree

Not you, your customers! We share an alternate method to selling your goods using Payspree rather than PayPal!

Its really easy when you know how, and the basic account is actually free.

Video 13 Check, Check, Check

Time to get Serious!

You may have set it all up by now (well done) but you must ensure you check the work and processes.

Watch in our video where we pick up on a mistake we made going through the Payspree set up 🙂

Video 14 The Sales Funnel Switch

In our steps so far, you learned how to set up the sales process with ease.

In this video, we share an under used method to squeeze more out of your visitors with a clever sales funnel method.

Bonus Video 1 Part One

How to Edit the Sales Funnel Changes we shared with you in video 14 Part One

Bonus Video 1 Part Two

How to Edit the Sales Funnel Changes we shared with you in video 14 Part Two Bonus Video 2 Switch Your List

This is a very neat method that Many Marketers Fail to do.

Make your CUSTOMERS Love you More when they realize they are more special 🙂

Bonus Video 3 Add Links to Resource Files

In this final video we share just how simple it is to add links to resource files and earn more from free and bonus reports! Over 90 Minutes of Step by Step Over the Shoulder Video Instruction to Ensure You Set up and Sell Your Resell Rights Packages the Right Way from Day One!

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