PLR Articles April Pack

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Hay fever Articles

1. Are You Sure You’ve Got Hay Fever?
2. Complications from Hay Fever
3. Hay Fever – Causes and Symptoms
4. How to Help Your Child in Hay Fever Season
5. How to Manage Hay Fever during the Exam Period
6. Myths about Hay Fever: What You Need to Know
7. Natural Remedies for Hay Fever
8. Prevention Tips for Hay Fever
9. Tips for Checking the Pollen Count
10. Treatment Options for Hay Fever

Podcasting Articles

1. 11 Commonly Asked Questions about Podcasting
2. 16 Tips for Giving a Successful Interview
3. 40 Great Questions to Ask in an Interview
4. Don’t Make These Podcasting Mistakes
5. How to Find Inspiration for Your Podcasts
6. How to Grow Your Audience for Your Podcast
7. How to Make Money from Your Podcasts
8. Podcasting Basics for Beginners
9. Podcasting Tools You Can’t Do Without
10. Tips for Finding Relevant Interviewees for Your Podcast

Vacation Spending Articles

1. 14 Ways to Save Money on Your Accommodation
2. 17 Ways to Save Money on Transportation When You Are on Vacation
3. Are All-Inclusive Holidays Worth It?
4. Avoid These Pitfalls When Buying Your Souvenirs
5. Five Vacation Spots That Are Worth the Money
6. Hidden Extras and How to Avoid Them
7. Nine Ways to Save Money on Food and Drink
8. Online Help for Your Vacation Budget
9. The Best Ways to Take Money Abroad
10. Tracking Your Expenses on Vacation

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