PLR Articles September 2018 Pack

ebook cover min PLR Articles September 2018 PackPLR Articles September 2018 Pack Contents:

Winter Clothing Articles

1. 12 Tips for Refashioning Your Winter Wardrobe
2. Fairtrade, Ethical, Organic – What’s the Difference?
3. How Eco-Friendly Is Cotton?
4. How Eco-Friendly Is Wool?
5. How to Clean Your Coat at Home to Save on Dry Cleaning
6. How to Go Green with Your Winter Footwear
7. How to Make a New Winter Coat out of an Old One
8. Ten Sweater Upcycling Ideas
9. Thrift Store Shopping Tips
10. Tips for Finding an Eco-Friendly Coat

Thanksgiving Articles

1. 14 Inexpensive Desserts for Your Thanksgiving Meal
2. Eight DIY Décor Ideas for Thanksgiving
3. Free Online Resources to Entertain the Whole Family
4. How to Make a Budget for Your Thanksgiving Meal
5. How to Organize a Thanksgiving Potluck
6. How to Save Money on Tableware
7. Six Ways to Save Money on the Main Course at Thanksgiving
8. Ten Inexpensive Sides for Your Thanksgiving Meal
9. Tips for Saving Money on Drinks
10. Tips on How to Shop Smart

Dementia Articles

1. Common Questions about a Dementia Diagnosis
2. Common Symptoms of Dementia
3. Dementia Risk Factors and How to Reduce Your Risk
4. Factors Other Than Dementia That Can Affect Your Memory
5. How to Make the Most of Your Doctor’s Visit
6. How to Tell Family and Friends That You Have Dementia
7. Signs That You Need to See Your Doctor
8. Tests You Can Do Yourself to See If You Have Dementia
9. The Different Types of Dementia
10. What Medical Help Will I Get If I Am Diagnosed with Dementia?

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