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If You’ve Tried Everything And Still Haven’t Experienced Success, Be Sure To Read This Page…

Are you one of those people that often remark how fast time has flown by?

Do you find yourself wishing the time would pass quickly so you can enjoy your upcoming vacation?

Have you ever had a hard time remembering something you did the previous day?

Yes, I do realize that some of these are things that happen as we get older and have more responsibility but have you

ever considered that it could be something else?

You Are Stuck In A Rut

If you’re reading this page, you probably have a goal you’d like to accomplish or plans you’d like to execute. You know

you need a push but you may not be sure what kind of push you need. Or you may know what kind of push you need but not

how to get it.

I recognize that feeling. I’ve felt it myself. It can be isolating and frustrating. It can also seem like it’s your fault

that you need this push.

Yes it is your job to take the steps to fulfill your destiny but sometimes the day to day details of life can become

overwhelming. As we get older, we begin to realize that while pursuing our dreams is important so is becoming a

responsible adult.

You may find yourself with a job, family and household to run or take care of and those daily tasks take time.

In fact, they can take up all of your time without you realizing it. They’re all important. You can’t NOT do them. You

don’t have that option.

What typically ends up happening in these situations is that we put ourselves on the back burner.

We sacrifice our need to pursue our dreams in favor of doing what is expected of us.

If possible, we honor our need for time to focus on ourselves to those moments when we’re not being called upon to handle

daily tasks.

You Are Responsible For Your Success

Ultimately YOU are the only one who has power over your life

If you aren’t pursuing your goals because of someone else, you are essentially using that person as an excuse or a

buffer. It’s always easier to place responsibility on someone else than yourself.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone isn’t easy.

You shouldn’t expect it to be easy. Be prepared to do some tough personal work. If you have goals to pursue but haven’t,

it’s important that you figure out why and fix it. I’ve been where you are. In fact, I expect I’ll be here again.

The process of stepping outside of your comfort zone and pushing your limits is an ongoing one. It doesn’t really get any

easier. It just becomes an integral part of personal growth.

To give you a head start, I’ve written a special guide on this subject so you can finally step outside of your comfort



Push Your Limits:
How To Push Outside Your Comfort Zone So You Can Achieve Success

Here’s what you’ll discover in the Push Your Limits guide:

How to get out of the rut you’re stuck in.

What is success and what does it mean to you? Read this important chapter before moving ahead.

How to change your perspective and tap into your calling.

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable as a way to achieve real success and results.

Your comfort zones and how to break free from them.

The different types of comfort zones in your life and how to approach each one.

…and much, much more!

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