Running For Weight Loss

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Why Should I Run?
Weight loss
Running improves your health and prevents disease
Running is not expensive
No other cardio exercise burns as many calories as running
Running is good for your mental health
Running also strengthens your knees and other associated joints
Running keeps you mentally sharp
Running will boost your self-confidence
The Most Important Thing You Must Do!
Setting Goals
Keeping a Journal
Setting Realistic Goals
Should I Count My Calories?
What You Need To Know Before Getting Started
Good running shoes
Comfortable Running Attire
Water Bottle
Besides getting equipment, there are 2 essential things you must always do.
Running Techniques & Tips
Should you run on an empty stomach?
Go barefoot or wear shoes?
Treadmills or Tracks?
How Do I Calculate MHR or Maximum Heart Rate?
How should I breathe while running?
How do I lose weight by running?
Dealing With Injuries
Finding Motivation
So how do you stay motivated?


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