Weekly Writing Tips

WeeklyWritingTips.7824 Weekly Writing Tips You will find the following topics in this report :

• Start Writing on a Daily Basis
• Start Reading on a Daily Basis
• Write in a Comfortable Place
• Write for Your Audience
• Use Complete Sentences
• Research Your Topic
• Use Current Events for Blog Posts
• Create an Outline
• Use a Mind Mapping Tool
• Write in Short Spurts
• Develop Compelling Headlines & Titles
• Short Sentences Work Best for Online Content
• Use a Friendly Tone of Voice When Writing on Your Blog
• Write to Attract Attention
• Include Lists and Step by Step Tutorials
• Structure Your Content
• Use Clear Language
• Use Summaries
• Include Images and Graphics
• Make Use of White Space
• Include a Call to Action
• Write, Read, Edit, Proofread and then Repeat
• Don’t be Scared to Cut & Rewrite
• Voice Your Opinions
• Keep a Notepad for Ideas
• 2Start a Research or Idea Folder
• Create Your Own Story Board
• Use Article Templates

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