PLR Articles July 2018 Pack

ebook cover min PLR Articles July 2018 PackPLR Articles July 2018 Pack Contents:

Bitcoin for Beginners Articles

1. Eight Common Bitcoin Scams
2. Eight Facts about Bitcoins
3. FAQs about Bitcoins and Where to Find Out More
4. Making Money with Bitcoins
5. Other Digital Currencies
6. The Pros and Cons of Using Bitcoins
7. What Are Bitcoins and How Do They Work?
8. What Does “Mining” Mean?
9. Where to Get Bitcoins and What to Buy with Them
10. Who Uses Bitcoins?

Bullying Articles

1. Do’s and Don’ts When You Think Your Child Is Being Bullied
2. Eight Signs That a Younger Child Is Being Bullied
3. Eight Signs That an Older Child Is Being Bullied
4. How to Get Support from the School
5. Online Resources to Help You and Your Child
6. The Different Types of Bullying
7. Tips for Getting Your Child to Tell You about It
8. What Makes a Child Become a Target for Bullying?
9. What to Do If the Bullying Doesn’t Stop?
10. What to Do If You Suspect Bullying but Aren’t Sure?

Vegetarian Eating on a Budget Articles

1. 18 Must-Have Store Cupboard Essentials
2. Are Farmers’ Markets Worth It?
3. Eight Shopping Tips to Save You Money
4. Five Quick and Easy Vegetarian Recipes on a Budget
5. Making the Most of Leftovers
6. Sources of Tasty and Inexpensive Vegetarian Recipes
7. Ten Easy Vegetables to Grow
8. The Importance of Planning Your Shopping
9. Tips on How to Avoid Waste
10. Tips on How to Get Your Protein on a Budget

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