PLR Articles June 2018 Pack

ebook cover min PLR Articles June 2018 PackPLR Articles June 2018 Pack Contents:

Women Hair Loss Articles

1. Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women
2. Eight Ways to Conceal Hair Loss
3. Myths and Facts about Hair Loss in Women
4. Natural Treatments for Hair Loss: Do They Work?
5. Preventative Steps to Minimize Hair Loss
6. The Psychological Effects of Female Hair Loss
7. Treatment Options for Female Hair Loss
8. What Are the Signs of Hair Loss in Women?
9. When to See the Doctor about Your Hair Loss
10. Where to Find Support to Deal with Your Hair Loss

Pricing Strategies Articles

1. Gender-Based Price Discrimination
2. Playing with the Numbers When Pricing Your Products
3. Seven Tips for Influencing the Customer’s Perception of Price
4. Should You Offer Something for Free?
5. Ten Pricing Tips for Special Offers
6. The Secret of Amazon’s Pricing Strategies
7. What Is Meant by Psychological Pricing?
8. Where to Put Prices on Your Website
9. Why Limited Time Offers Work
10. Why We Don’t Always Buy the Cheapest Product

Eco-Friendly Baby Items Articles

1. Baby Items That Should Not Be Bought Second Hand
2. Cloth Diapers versus Disposables: The Verdict
3. Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Baby Safe Cleaners
4. Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Skin Care Products
5. Needs versus Wants: Tips for Buying Less
6. Ten Baby Items That Can Be Bought Used
7. The Many Benefits of Breastfeeding
8. Tips for Finding Eco-Friendly Clothing
9. Tips for Finding Eco-Friendly Toys
10. Ways to Create an Eco-Friendly Nursery

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